Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Fun!

Sledging. Check.
Build a snowlady. Check.
Write silly messages in the snow. Check
Hot chocolate in a flask. Check.
Grow up......nooooo waaaaay!

What a brilliant weekend.

Up on the hill where I live everyone makes the best of it. 

Toboggans - plastic ones, wooden ones, homemade ones (including for sale boards!!) and uber cool ones. Anything that will transport you down hill at speed. We had people on skis, snowboards and tin trays. Whatever the mode of transport everyone sported  matching accessories - a massive smile and rosey cheeks!

Back at home there was hot chocolate an open fire and DVDs. A perfect Sunday which will be rounded of later with a delicious (even though I do say so myself) roast dinner. Life doesn't get much better!

The manifesto is working brilliantly - in the past it's most likely that I would have wrapped my little one up for the snow and sent him off with daddy whilst I sat on the sofa feeling guilty and missing all the fun! I was there - I did it - I loved it and I feel blooming marvellous for it!

Ready for the week ahead where I shall be cracking on with some writing for Hastings Online Times and the Novel competition. I entered another flash fiction competition last week - 500 words or less in any genre. It will be judged in March and it would be great to win or get commended but above all else it's great practise and great fun.

I have a meeting organised with the Head of Children's and Young People's Services from East Sussex County Council regarding service users desires for our children's library. This will be next month - until then it will be fairly quiet on the library front.

  Another little snowflake.

 Well my lovelies, gotta fly! I think I may go out for a snowball fight...well why not? Have fun one and all - wrap up and smile!! Wooooohoooo!!!

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