Thursday, 26 January 2012


With a view like this from my desk there really is absolutely no excuse for not sitting here and writing. Ok, one excuse could be that the view is way too beautiful to take your eyes off.

This was taken one morning as the sun came up. No matter what time of day it is this panorama is never boring. Whether the rain is lashing down, the wind whipping up around all sides of my house from the sea or the sun is making the sea an enormous mackerell mirrror I just can't stop watching. 

Stunning but not helpful, a bit like me in reverse!

Another is that my smallest child wants to play snakes and ladders 24/7 these days. And, although I know I should resist, I can't help playing just to hear him squeal with delight every time mummy has to walk up a ladder and he gets to slide down a snake....I know that I really should teach him the rules but I can't bear the thought of losing to a 4 year old!

People watching is another classic. Flying kites. Kicking balls. Children shrieking with excitement. 

So here I am procrastinating!

I'm not as bad as I used to be, BM (Before Manifesto). at least I have goals that I am working towards, step by step.

  • I am waiting replies from the Children's library and East Sussex County Council re: a walk round to discuss what the service users (us) would like in the new premises and whether or not a mini-makeover for the existing site is feasible.

  • I am writing SOMETHING daily. This is a major step forward for me.  
  • I have 'pitched' (sounds a bit grand but I think the right term) an idea for a column for Hastings Online Times and have been told that I can write it weekly. I am very excited about this! 
  • I have kept this blog updated regularly - again - a massive achievement for me! (Staying power of a gnat!). 
  • And....drum roll....I have the rough outline for my first three chapters for the competition! Huzzah!
  • I am NOT stagnating. These days I try to keep busy - unlike the me formally known as couch potato. Thanks to this movement and the fact that I have things occupying my mind other than which PJs I should slump into I am feeling a little fitter and my clothes are getting a little looser. A great snowball effect!  
I think, in the grand scheme of things, I shall allow myself a little procrastination. I'm worth it! Now where's that child, I'm on a winning streak! Best of 17? Hey where's he gone?


  1. Because of you...
    I brought a diary, I have 3 pens...
    Blank = routine
    Red = bad thing's
    Turquoise = knitting
    Ive written in it every day.. unheard of lol
    some Black, no Red lots of Turquoise
    Im very content with my lot so far...

    Thank you Beth the snow ball effect is working on me! xx

  2. Oh wow Elaine!I am so happy that it's having such a positive effect on you!! And thanks for your comments - it really makes me feel fantastic to know people are joining the ride xxx

  3. My fathers favorite word to accuse me of when i was a child was procrastination! it always applied to me and nothing has changed , it hasn't done me much harm and enabled me to stop and see the little things that are so important. I'm all for a little procrastination!

  4. I've procrastinated for so long that I've met myself coming back again! I'll be willing your snowball effect vibes to work on me very soon Beth as I'm terribly behind with my exam work. Ah well, there's always tomorrow... ;) Love your blog. Sue xx