Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Distractions! Distractions!

I don't know how I ever manage to get anything done. I'm like a magpie in a bottle top factory! I can be quite happily engrossed in something and then something sparkly catches my eye and i'm off!

The internet really does not help people like myself. I need to find information so I dutifully type into a search engine and 8,920,000 results come up in 0.054 seconds. So I'm off following any random link, completely having forgotten what I was looking for and have now signed up to become a member of The Local Budgerigar Society (yes we do have one!).

My head generally knows what it's doing but my face and in particular my mouth betray this and i'm left looking and sounding like a confused Mrs Potato Head - I have my party dress on but still wearing my slippers. If you get my drift. 
For example. I came home from work today and was a little chilly so popped upstairs to put my cosy PJ's on. Bottoms on but still wearing dress from work when Half Pint comes in and wants me to sing 'Consider Yourself' from Oliver the musical, so I did....as you do....However, I then forgot I was wearing some fawn-like cut 'n' shove outfit when I answered the door to the 'Betterware' catalogue woman (does anyone know what is better about the wares in this catalogue?) who, for once didn't push for an order thank god, there are only so many silicone egg poachers one can use.

Once changed I had planned to make/alter Half Pint's Artful Dodger outfit for a school event and was just setting up the sewing machine when a message from Facebook pinged for attention. A friend asking for ideas for fancy dress. Well that was two hours ago. 
Since then I have looked at fancy dress, obviously, which led me to Alice in Wonderland, then I followed a link to Helena Bonham-Carter and straight to Kenneth Branagh....you still with me....then I got caught up in Bram Stoker - bit dark for a Tuesday afternoon but still couldn't resist it and so decided to see what Mary Shelley has been up to, not much lately it would seem!....although probably more than me. Which is my point....I have not achieved anything today I am a serial distractee! 

Although I do now know a little more about Google searches and how addictive they are. For example, I now know that by typing in 'Life's Too Short' you will NOT save yourself time by cutting a few seconds off this chore and that but that in fact you will become wrapped up in 'About 4,110,000 results' and that's a lot of distractions....believe me.  

Where was I? Oh yeah, sewing machine.
Was that the phone? La dee da dee da....

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