Monday, 12 March 2012


Well....there it is....on my desk in an envelope all 5000 words, synopsis and biography, just sitting there, just waiting, just.....

And now the doubts!

I have just spent the best part of this year (ok I know we're not even a third of the way through yet, but you know what I mean) brainstorming, story-boarding, writing, deleting, completely re-writing, changing the story (drastically), printing off, reading, re-reading, re-re-writing, now be really scared about sending it off out in to the world.

Out to a panel of judges......Will they like it? Will they get it? Is it what they were looking for? Have I completely missed the mark?....Do they know how much I could do with the prize money????....No, I's not the winning that counts, but it would be so nice just a small affirmation that i'm on the right track, you know?

It's been quite hard work. Having said that I have loved every single minute of it - really. It's been such a joy to be sat at my computer just putting my imagination on to the screen. A real luxury actually, just having that time. And THAT'S why the money prize money would be so wonderful as it would prove to me that I can do this that i'm not wasting my time - precious time.

The sun is shining right now and just as soon as I finish this blog I am off to play footie with half pint and I will have a fabulous time, but that's not going to last forever. In the next few years probably five at the most he won't want to be seen out playing with his mum...and I can't blame him. I was fairly old when I had him, almost 43, so by the time he's do the maths!! 

Writing has always been an ambition of mine. I always wrote stories when I was little - not for homework (I never did much of that!!) but for myself. I always made up stories for my sons and I will always be walking around with new stories forming themselves in my head. So, if you see me out and about looking rather vague (ok, ok I know I always look vague!!!) then this is what is happening, be careful what you say at a time like this as you may just find yourself morphed into one of my characters.

My dearly beloved husband keeps saying that it's not the winning and that at least I now have a fully formed story to send out to other agents etc and he's right but, if you do happen to know the judges, put a word in for me!!

All I need to do now is just pop it all in to an envelope, put a stamp on it and pray!

Ok, done. 
Hold on...I just need to read it all once more. I'll send it tomorrow - maybe!


  1. Send it now! Do it! Kiss the envelope and post it Perky xxx

  2. That thing better be in the post tomorrow or you'll have me to answer to! (Sorry, did that sound like a threat?)
    I've got everything crossed for you xx

  3. Yikes indeedy!
    I have REALLY opened it again and am now having doubts about my, once brilliant, grammar!!!!
    Yikes and double yikes! xx
    (Thanks for the finger crossing xxx)