Sunday, 8 January 2012

Brilliant News! Hastings Library Plans!

Morning all, happy Sunday!

I don't know of any of you Hastings lovelies read the local Observer this week but the go ahead for refurbishment of the old library site has finally been agreed! 

This will include moving the children's library to the same site in Claremont, hurrah! It's such a beautiful building, I hope they do it justice.

Hastings Library
Initially I thought that maybe 'that's that then, they don't need us,' however, I do feel we still need to have a parents' forum (anyone actually who feels strongly) to ensure that our voice is listened to as far as appropriate facilities for family use. Historically these plans take forever with the council so we have plenty of time to be heard! 

I intend to have a casual meeting for those who want to get involved at The Jenny Lind in The Old Town (Hastings) this Monday, 9th January at 7.30pm. Please come along. If you need directions just holler! 

In other news, I have been cracking on with my entry to the writing competition and am beginning to feel as though I have story. I have written the draft for a first chapter and finding the voice of the book - so feeling pretty proud of myself.

Last but not least. My son is off to Afghanistan this weekend. If you say your prayers, please say one for him and his pals. 

Bless you x

Now it's good night from me and it's goodnight Goodnight.


  1. 'Casual meeting'. Is that Tale Chaser code for 'any reason to go to the pub'?

    Really good news about the library - need to keep on top of it tho'.

    I don't believe in God, but if there is one, may he - or she, smile upon your son and bring him safely home. x