Monday, 9 January 2012

Highly Commended

I know it's bad form to blow one's own trumpet, but what the hell...toot bloomin' toot!

I entered a global writing competition and have just recieved an email to say that I have been highly commended and have won a (very small) cash prize. There was only one first prize and one highly commended prize awarded.

The competition was judged by novelist Fiona Cooper and backed by prolific writer Bill Bryson! Wooohoo!

This is what Ms Cooper said of my piece, “This story moves with almost cinematic reality, scene by scene, painting a picture which spans many years. The inner fears and feelings of childhood are exquisitely captured and played out in a satisfying and compelling way.”  Woop woop!

Back to Earth now.
Library Plans:

Tonight I plan to be in the Jenny Lind by 7.30 and looking forward to meeting all those of you who have expressed interest in improving the library facilities and making sure that families are properly served when the new Children's Library is opened.

I am a firm believer in the power of stories and want our children to enjoy books in an exciting and inspiring environment.

I have spoken to Cllr Godfrey Daniel who has been campaigning long and hard to improve the library service in Hastings and he is keen to know how we get on. It's great to know we already have someone in the know on our side. Hopefully he will be able to attend a meeting with us in the future.

Ok, gotta fly now....I have a book to write you know!


  1. What a flying start to the year, Beth. Keep it up! And good luck for tonight. Erica xxx

  2. Thanks Erica.
    I must say, I am really enjoyong the year so far! xx

  3. Great start to the year! I'm expecting great things from you this year! Good luck with the library too - love libraries! xx

  4. Thanks Emma. Let me know how your writing is coming on x

  5. Bloody brilliant! What a boost! xx

  6. Thanks Gibb

    I do feel very happy about it, shame it's not Friday - feel like a little celebration xx

  7. Absolutely fantastic... You are BRILLIANT! xxxxx

  8. Fantastic news!! Only just read your blog! Wow. . and judged by Fiona and Bill!!! Congratulations Beth. I don't blame you for wanting to celebrate. What a perfect start to 2012!! x x Erika