Friday, 6 January 2012

I Have a First Page

Ok, so I need another three chapters but I have a first page…whoopee! Here’s the link again if you want to give it a go!

Today wasn’t, apart from the first page thing, the most productive of days. When I got home from work I made some soup, ate my soup and promptly fell asleep feeling as though I was coming down with something. However, a warm bath and a bit of writing have got me back on track and here I am! Tickety boo – so to speak!

I have managed to draft a few questions for the council re: the Children’s Library plan (see previous blog). I am planning another visit armed with a notebook and my sneaky mobile phone camera so that my moans are more informed and I can share them with you on here. If any of you lovely Hastings folk want to join me with this; then please get in touch. Maybe an initial get together down the pub would be a good starting point for this one!

I don’t have any experience of this type of thing and it’s quite daunting but I feel really passionately about children having access to books and that libraries for children should be inspiring spaces. Mums and dads, writers, readers, teachers if you, too, feel strongly about this please please please help me get this one rolling!

Email or write a comment on here and I promise to get back to you.
I have three lovely people that have already volunteered to help me with this - thank you so much! The more the merrier I say. I've also had a suggestion to volunteer as a storyteller at the library and that is definitely something I will be doing; I absolutely love telling stories!

Well it's Friday night and I am about to have a lovely glass of vino and a chicken shish (I have mentioned that I have the kebab shop on redial, haven't I?). 

Have a great evening one and all.

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