Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tick Tock

Ok, today will be the day that I finalise my plan.

I say finalise, if you've read my previous posts you will understand that these plans are have a large amount of fluidity and are open to suggestion and advice. Be my guest - all of you - please feel free. 

Hubby is taking out 'Half Pint' today so I will get on with clearing a space. Physically - tidying a space in the office (front bedroom!) to allow me to work on my  plans and metaphorically - my head. 
For such an idle person I have an extraordinarily busy mind-space! Not helped by the fact that I have Bi Polar disorder which sends my brain racing off in a million different places within ten minutes, all routes desperately trying to get me to a feeling of content - Wacky Races for a Restless Mind would be a great title for my life story. Moving on swiftly!

Onwards and Upwards my little snowflakes!  Although I do realise that this is not the ideal trajectory for a snowfall - lets be different and make our own arc.

I hope you all have a fantastic night tonight, whether you're staying in on your own. Been there! Going out on your own. Done that! Or going out getting hideously drunk embarrassing yourself and waking up to a niggling feeling that you will be moving a long way away in the near future....No I don't have that T-Shirt...What do you take me for? 

Wherever you are do a little dance,  make a little love,  get down tonight. Obviously if you are out on the town later don't attempt the second item, I think this is still frowned upon!

Wishing you all a ridiculously Happy New Year. Here's to fun, fulfillment, family and friends! 


  1. I sang a song without no end & thats how long I'll be your friend.
    We'll have our laughs and shed our tears,
    but we'll be friends for years and years...

    You always make me smile and even laugh out loud so wishing you a ridiculously Happy 2012 you deserve it! xxxxx

  2. Ahh Elaine!
    I love this, thank you lovely!
    I hope you have a truly fabulous 2012, you too deserve it my friend xxx

  3. Happy New Year to you my darling Perky!
    Much love as always

  4. Ahh....back atch Pinky! Hope you have a great night tonight with much singing, dancing and general hilarity xxxx