Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Manifesto

Happy New Year! 

I hope when you read this that you are not too hungover and that if you are that it was worth it!

As promised here is my manifesto. It is simple. It is honest. And, unlike  the outcomes from my specific aims (to follow later today), it is NOT up for debate. This is how it will be...for me.

  • I will move myself physically - upwards, sideways, backwards - any way. In order to feel alive. I refuse to be stagnant this year. I will have goals but I will not set myself up for failure. Any movement in any direction is success.
  • I will meet suggestion with positivity - unless it's sexual suggestion from anyone other than my husband! In which case said suggestion will be met with swift knee jerk reaction to the groin area of said suggester.
  • I will make arrangements and keep to them.
  • I will make plans and I will adhere to them in principle. The fine print is allowed to be smudged. (see aims).
This, my it. Like I said - no weight loss plan ... er thank you , yes, quiet at the back there! No giving up drinking (Threshers went out of business last time I did that!). No refraining from swearing (bugger that for a game of soldiers!).

So as from today I will be holding daily strategy meetings with myself, did I mention I am slightly derailed? I will be discussing specific projects in more details and updating myself on any progress I have made. 
If you do not want me to slip in to complete all singing all dancing madness please join the ride. Email me follow me on Twitter @bethdaviescript find me on Facebook

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