Friday, 30 December 2011

Before You Go

'Serial Optimist' would be a great description of me. So too would 'Serial Pessimist'. 

I am a big ideas person but with absolutely no staying power. Therefore I jump headlong into whim and straight out again when I realise that some form of effort and commitment may be required. I couldn't even remember all the evening courses I've signed up for - September is a dangerous time for me. All those delicious shiny prospectuses landing on the doormat tempting me in to pottery, interior design, photography, Spanish, singing, creative writing......then October arrives and the sofa beckons.

January has a similar effect so I am now, obviously, concerned that I have made a big announcement that next year will be brilliant that I am going to accomplish so much and that I want you all the be my witnesses and also my accomplices if you so wish.

This could be very embarrassing but I think, in all my optimistic honesty, that it will be  bloomin' amazing. (Shush! cynical inner voice!)

Well, it's New Year's Eve Eve....2011 is nearly done. I have to say, and I have alluded to this on a previous post, that this year has not been great. I've certainly had better.

However, I'm still here, and my real complaint about this year is that I have allowed my own inert tendencies to dominate.

Here's to 2012 but before you go, 2011, I feel I have been a little hard on you.There are many things that I am thankful for:

  • My husband and sons
  • The love of my family
  • I have amazing friends
  • I have a home (one with the most beautiful panoramic view- I can see the sunrise out of the sea from my bed)
  • I have a job  
.......oh and I have the kebab shop on redial (doesn't everyone? No? Just me then!)

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