Thursday, 29 December 2011

Let it Snow!

This snowflake analogy has clearly got in to my psyche, I even dreamt about it last night. I was the abominable snowman, OK, not quite but I was pretty awesome! I Clearly had picked up a lot of snowflakes!

I do dream an awful lot. These dreams are usually fairly random, scary even. I suppose this plan I have for the new year is also quite random (as I have absolutely none of the conventional resolutions lined up). And they are, in parts ,extraordinarily scary as I will be stepping, jumping feet first sometimes, completely out of my comfort zone, which, to be honest won't be hard as my comfort zone is fairly small, very small...ok it's my sofa.  So even  getting off my backside to go and find the mince pies in the kitchen is a gargantuan adventure at the moment.

Nevertheless, one small step at a time, and this time next year I will be well and truly out of my comfort zone. Hopefully I will have found myself an entirely new comfort zone where the evening's TV listings are not the axis around which my life spins and the adrenaline rush I get from trying to make it to the loo and back in the ad breaks is not the only bit of excitement I get.....this isn't a slur on my other half this is a purely self inflicted reality. I have become lazy and dare I say it BORING.

So, although I have not yet drawn up the definitive plan you can see what I need to achieve. I'm really hoping that a few of you that read this blog want to join me and make your own snowball attracting your own snowflakes.

Some of my plans will need help so if you see anything I post on here that you think you would like to be involved in please let me know. You can find me on Facebook Twtter @bethdaviescript or email me on or feel free to leave your comments on this page; it would brilliant to start off the year with some support! I've already had a few lovely emails with encouraging words.

I actually announced one of my aims last month, this is, to walk Hadrian's Wall. Plans are already in motion and I have an inkling this may involve me moving from the sofa. So, although I do not want to make a 'resolution' to lose weight or to get fit for it's own sake. I do need to get fit to complete the walk. A small snowball effect which will, I hope, massively improve my energy levels and allow me to be more vital to address my other aims.

I'm working hard to get the 'snowflake' list up and ready for January 1st. Have you got any of your own aims for the year? Want to share them? Come on little snow angels join the fun!!


  1. Fabulous! Viva The Snowball Effect! MrB did the Walk so feel free to pick his brains about it. It is so good to see your blog whirring away with activity and inspiration xx

  2. Love this. I've booked myself on a one day photography course so that's one snowflake ticked off my list. Would love to work with you on a project x

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I am planning to post frequently, please keep popping by!
    Well done MrB....impressive, i'm sure I could do with some tips!
    Good luck with the photography Karen. Maybe I will need your assistance to help me catalog this years events photographically! We can talk soon as I'm sure there will be other projects that will be of interest to you! x

  4. I'd say starting your own blog is a snowflake too! Well done for achieving that! Will definitely be popping by regularly and maybe adding a couple! You're very inspirational missey! Happy Christmas and a fab 2012!x

  5. Thank you Jo. Hope to see you on here again very soon! A fantastic New Year to you too x