Friday, 27 April 2012

Wow, Great Timing!

That's it. My last day as an employee done and dusted! It feels very strange indeed. Since handing in my notice I have been lying awake at night wondering what the hell I thought I was playing at. My tummy has been doing somersaults and all I could think of was....what if I've made the biggest mistake of my life? What if I disappear behind a pile of badly written, rejected manuscripts? What if I am totally delusional and that my negative little inner voice was right all along? What if.....?

Well, to some extent, I have just had these questions answered....and before anyone says 'it could lead to nothing' I do realise that, however the most wonderful email came for me today. An agent wants to see the rest of my manuscript, with a view to representing me! She might hate it, on the other hand she might just love it. The important thing is that those first three chapters were good enough to not get rejected and bearing in mind that this is the first time I have sent anything to an agent I feel really positive about my decision to give it a go. I feel as though this small affirmation really couldn't have come at a better time. I am so I waffling?

My hubby has gone off with half pint to buy something bubbly - i'm not celebrating my success just yet, just my not stumbling at the first post!

I said 2012 would be brilliant! Start believing it!



  1. Excellent news

  2. That's very uplifting to read of someone having a good day and a journey beginning..enjoy!

  3. That's fantastic news, and very inspiring for someone who's on THEIR last day of regular employment. Hope this is the first of many great moments for you.

  4. Oh thank you Damian, that's very sweet of you!

  5. I'm sure you won't regret it. I've never had a 'proper' job and look at me! (Perhaps that's not the best example, but you know what I mean...) You have the talent to succeed, but, like acting, it's any industry where you have to be committed as well as good. xx

  6. That is wonderful news. Nobody deserves it more Perky. Absolutely a positive sign you have taken the right steps towards your literary future Xxx

    1. Ahh thank you....things just feel good right now! xxx