Friday, 13 January 2012

What a Week!

The manifesto is keeping me really focused. I probably would've buckled by now but I have real, achievable aims. And, most importantly, I am not stagnant!

  • I'm still hopping around excitedly from the news that my writing was highly commended. That was enough for one week really. 
  • On top of that we held our first meeting for folk wanting getting the most for our children's library.
  •  I had my very first telephone conversation with a Councillor....yes I know I should grow up but I was genuinely thrilled that he was interested in my ideas for the library. 
  • A lovely lady from East Sussex Library Service called me today and wants to meet with me at the library for a walk round to discuss what's wrong with it....and, not forgetting what's right with it. I would really appreciate it if any of you are available to come with me, I shall post the date when I have confirmed.
  • The Head Teacher at the school where I work is keen to get our student council involved in the process of improving the  library, and at some point would love them to have a chance to help in some of the decisions after consulting children from other Hastings' schools. How great would it be for our children to feel they have some ownership? (Rhetorical - please, no answers on postcards!).
  • And... I have been invited to a meeting alongside other writers with the Hastings Online Times team to discuss future writing. 
All in all a great week. Better still, this weekend I will be catching up with my old girlfriends - there will be much chatter and laughter! Life is sweet.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So happy your week was productive and exciting! Sorry I will not be there for girlie catchup at weekend darling but will be thinking of you as I sip my water at home and feel poorly xxx

  2. Really sorry your feeling poorly, you will be missed!get better very soon xxxx

  3. Thanks Perky lots of love to you all tonight xxx