Monday, 16 January 2012

Count Your Blessings

Hey....where did the weekend go?

I shouldn't complain; I had a lovely time. Catching up with old friends and dropping in on my lovely mum and dad.

I am blessed indeed  - I was double booked by two sets of fantastic friends. My old 'mum' friends who I met when my older boys were at toddler groups, 20 or so years ago (ouch). And my 'theatre group' friends, who I met - as the description implies, when I was part of a theatre group.

I love evenings like that, people with whom you have shared everything with, the trials and triumphs of love, children....dress rehearsals!!

I always come home feeling totally refreshed and re-newed by the energy I share with these fantastic women. We've all had our share of crappy times and brilliant times. We've been to eachothers weddings, been there for broken hearts listened out for one anothers babies crying and some of us, sadly, have been to funerals together. These girls are my history and if  i'm lucky, my future. I am so thankful for them.

This week will have me using the re-charged batteries to:
  •  follow up contacts I got last week for library plans.
  • start a little walking (daily hopefully) in readiness for Hadrian's Wall
  • get some writing done now I have managed to recover the lost files (disaster struck last Wednesday - my computer crashed with all my stuff...much swearing to be heard throughout Hastings, apologies to anyone in the vicinity!)
Hope you all approached Monday with a little positivity....'it's better than the alternative' as my beautiful sister said earlier!

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