Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to Work Tuesday

Welcome back to the real world...bump!

Like many people I was dreading today. The alarm went off at 6.15am this morning....yes there is another 6.15 in the day....OUCH. It was dark, rainy and extraordinarily windy. Oh, and there was water dripping through my bedroom ceiling.

Not the most auspicious start to the new term (I work in a school so my year is split on to terms, well the countdown to the next end of term to be more precise!) but I dragged my sorry butt into the shower and got on with it.

With drooping shoulders and a mouth to match I felt decidedly sorry for myself. Until, that is, I started to think about this blog, seriously! I reminded myself of all the stuff I'm going to be doing this year and things started to look up. If nothing else this has got to be a major step forward for me.

Work, of course, was fine. In fact it was lovely to catch up with colleagues, find out about their Christmases and remind myself that I am really lucky to have a job!

Back at home I decided to tackle one of my aims; to be financially savvy. 

Christmas 2010 I ordered some things from a catalogue on a 'buy now pay later' deal. The deadline for paying the full balance was next week and, unlike my old self who would have just 'forgotten' about it and hoped it would go away, I phoned the catalogue and paid off the whole amount .Therefore not incurring any interest....yay!!

I then set up a direct debit to clear another small account so that I won't inadvertently miss payments and will, again, avoid any interest. Yippee.

I know money is a taboo subject and as dull as dishwater to tackle your own affairs; but I have FINALLY realised that I have to take control. 

Let's face it, money is not the answer to everything but it certainly helps. Tomorrow I am off to the bank to organise that savings account for next Christmas - honestly!!

Taking control is really empowering. I'm feeling all grown up and able to plan for and look forward to the future. 

I know this isn't the most exhilarating of blogs today but sorting these minor issues is a massive achievement for me. It's a step forward, it's movement and it's what I've promised myself.

Hope you've all taken a small step today to whatever it is you know you need to do!


  1. Wow I am so on the same page as you... I just wish I would remember to open the new Xmas bank account when I was passing the bloody bank!

  2. Banks don't exactly fill me with excitement - I generally pass them very quickly!!!!x